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Competition Calender 


Competition Calender for 2023

February 19th                Fleet Area Competition

April 23rd                        Grays Area Competition

May 7th                            Fleet Area Competition

July 2nd                           Gillingham Area Competition

October 22nd                 Berkhamstead Competition

November 4th & 5th    Grand Finals, Winter Gardens, Blackpool


Jubilee Dance Competition 2022

This was our kids first ever competition with children ranging from 5yrs – 15yrs. None had ever competed before, and most have only been dancing with us in the last few years over Covid, and as teachers we couldn’t be more proud.

Competing is way more than just the results. It’s learning how to deal with pressure, timings, waiting for others, supporting other dancers, having strangers watch, not being familiar with surroundings or the music, nerves that arent usually felt, etc etc. .. the list goes on, and the children were amazing. I couldn’t be more proud!

As you can see medals and trophies were won, but more importantly experience was gained and on the feedback from the children in class, they all enjoyed it and want to do it again, so it looks like the 2023 calender will be full!

Fleet Area Competition 2023

Another first for some of our kids attending the Fleet Area Blackpool Qualifier competition. 

The day was busy! For me it was the busiest since pre-Covid times, and again the children took it in their strides.

We had 3 of our boys attending, and one girl, all managed the get recalls in the busiest sections of the competition, and our two juniors were finalists, qualifying to dance at Blackpool in November.. truly amazing..and super proud teachers and parents all round.

Grays Area Competition 2023

Back at Grays for some, and a first for others.

There was a great atmosphere, and the kids danced really well again.

We had 8 children participating, with 2 newbies qualifying for Blackpool, and another competition experience under our belts.

Again we couldnt be more proud of our youngsters, its a big step for all to compete and its a pleasure to watch them make memories and create new bonds with their friends.

Grays April23 Competition

Fleet Area Competition May 2023

Everyone came today with excitement, a few nerves, but with the overall feeling of enjoyment and to get used to competing.

Competition can make things happen that never happen in practise, make us aware of where we need to work harder, or just give us the belief that we can do it, and it feels great afterwards!

Some firsts for us, our youngest qualifying for Blackpool, our newest competitor winning her category, and a few taking the opportunity to dance with their friends in the couples events, just for the experience. I love that, and it makes us all better dancers in the long run!

Well done kids.. another competition under our belts, boxes ticked and more pride from your teachers.. we really couldn’t ask for more (well maybe the odd pointed toe!)


Fleet May 2023

Gillingham Area Competition July & August 2023


The Summer months brings slightly quieter competitions, so another two events to practise in this arena, and get used to the nerves and the pressure..

As always, the kids danced well.. each event we can see the improvement and it all adds to the day of dancing. August was a competition with just the boys, and I couldnt have been prouder.. one winning both his categories and getting that much wanted Blackpool qualification under his belt. Fantastic! 

As always its a great bonus to win, but equally important to learn from each opportunity, and grow in confidence.. we can really see that happening. 

A local event next, which is unusual and exciting and then the big weekend in Blackpool awaits!



Gillingham Area Competitions