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Do I need to book?

No, you can just come along and join in, but you may wish to contact Sam beforehand to let her know your intention to join, but this isn’t necessary. There are certain times of year (Xmas, Summer) where there may be a short break, so you may find it useful to check holiday times.

Do I need a partner?

No, you don’t, as there are usually a few people who come alone, so you may be able to dance with another attendee, or you will be partnered with a helper/teacher within the class.

We do spend some time within the classes dancing alone, so you won’t always be dancing with a partner anyway.

What shoes should I wear?

Ideally, you will wear normal leather soled shoes, and for ladies, something with a small heel. If you enjoy your dancing and want to invest and purchase some dance shoes, then I can advise on wear to purchase these. If possible avoid trainers and rubber soled footwear.

How about clothing?

We always say as long as you are comfortable, then we are comfortable. Just be aware that at times we are working quite hard, and with the faster rhythms, the class may feel like a workout. Most pupils will wear normal day wear, not really workout wear, and nothing too restricting (ie tight skirts) as this will hinder you.

Can I progress though the classes?

Absolutely, and if you want private tuition to concentrate more on you, then that is available, and the option of taking medal exams and/or competing is also an option to those who want to progress further.