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Medallist Exams and Competitions


ISTD Medallist Exams

If you wish to progress your learning, then taking medal examinations is a great way to focus on your dancing and concentrate on your technique. As members of the ISTD, the exams are a perfect tool to receive quality feedback from an ISTD examiner, with constructive comments and encouragement, and a way to see your progression in your dancing.

The ISTD medal series, offers the best foundation for both pupil and teacher to qualify your dancing, and help you to become the kind of dancer you wish to be.

Exams can be taken throughout the year at all our venues, and are open to any pupil whether children or adult.

Most medallists, at a certain level, will usually supplement their class work with private tuition, so they are fully prepared and ready for the examination.



ISTD and Open Competitions

As a medallist, you will also have the opportunity of competing against other medallists at the same level as you. This adds again to your learning, and improves your dancing ‘know-how’, increasing your confidence and offering you new and exciting goals.

Medallist competitions are on offer throughout the year, with the climax being the Grand Finals, which is held every year at the magnificent Winter Gardens, Blackpool, to those who have qualified. It is a truly amazing Ballroom, that holds memories of Dance Legends from the past and present, and to those who qualify, becomes a truly memorable experience.

To those wishing to develope their dancing even further, for those with dancing partners or for those who are will to dance solo, open competitions are a way to continue with dancing once a certain level has been achieved.

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